About Us

I started Cuento Largo Corto out of my inescapable love for art and creating. I’ve always felt the need to create and love making things. Jewelry and accessories have always been one of my greatest passions. As a kid, I loved admiring my mother and grandmother's constant and never-ending bracelet and bangle stacks. My mother has always been a "more is more" kind of woman, especially when it comes to accessorizing. I adored how much fun she had just layering different things on. She would never leave the house without her signature rings, bracelet stack, dainty religious medal necklace, and matching earrings. Without knowing it, jewelry just became a part of my everyday. As a teenager, my love for art  became even stronger after many years of studying painting at schooI. Eventually, in college, I ended up taking an introductory  metalsmithing course for one semester... thinking it would just be fun to be able to know how to make jewelry pieces that exactly matched what I wanted to wear. After a couple of years of training as a jeweler and studying metalsmithing, here we are! Cuento Largo Corto was born and has evolved from a passion project to my full time job.

"Cuento Largo Corto" literally means "Long Story Short" in Spanish. Those who know me, know it's a pun alluding to my talkative, story-telling personality. I can't help it! I love talking... sometimes I get so wrapped up in recounting something that happened, that I can spend hours just reminiscing through the most ordinary details. My close friends and family know me as a cuentista, and know to never expect me to go straight to the point if they ask me about my day. 

Using an array of metals and gemstones, I strive to design and create distinctive and timeless pieces that tell a story. Each piece is an interpretation of the beautiful chaos that life often presents us and is an expression of my emotions and experiences. I'm always inspired by everyday events, nature's beautiful imperfections and art history. As a college major I studied art history and museum studies where I fell in love with byzantine and baroque art, which have been undeniable inspirations in my work. I love organic shapes, rustic textures and am all about embracing imperfections. To me, they make everything more stunning, impactful and meaningful.

One of the things I love the most about jewelry, is how personal it becomes to the wearer. How a ring can become a symbol of eternal love, how a necklace can become a reminder of a milestone in your life or how a bracelet can become one of your everyday relics. I hope the jewelry I create adds not only beauty, but meaning to your life. I want to make jewelry with purpose, and pieces that become a part of you, the person who wears it every day, as much as they were a part of me when creating them.